Sending Digital Files & Photos

You can send us digital photos and  files either on  CD or by e-mail. Sending a photo via e-mail will be the fastest way. After filling out the online order form  press submit and it will prompt you to attach your photo. (Photos can also be attached to an e-mail and sent to

A .jpg or .tif is the best format files to send. The newer mega-pixel cameras deliver very good results.  Please use the camera's highest resolution and finest quality setting. All files should be larger than 1.4 megabytes, in order to provide you with the highest quality prayer card. If the file happens to be too small, we will contact you.

 If you have created your own layout send both it AND THE RAW PHOTO without text and logos. We work with higher resolutions and will do the best we can to duplicate your layout. Also, there are margins and proportions that we need to adhere to, in order to create a professional looking prayer card.